Meet our Wheeler Society Members

Meet our Wheeler Society Members

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Henry 47 and Barbara 48 Rosenthal (Charitable Gift Annuity)

Henry 47 and Barbara 48 Rosenthal

We were inspired to include HWS in our will because we thoroughly enjoyed our time on campus. Its something we were able to experience together, and our son, Thomas 75, later followed in our footsteps. Barbaras brother, Thomas 56, also graduated from HWS.

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Christie Hayes '71 (Retirement PlanHeron Society/William Smith general support)

Christie Hayes '71

William Smith has been an important part of my life beginning with my college days. The exceptional education I received combined with my swimming and tennis team participation (among many other activities I participated in) reinforced core values such as discipline, hard work, and team cooperation and furthered the solid foundation of values my parents had laid out for me.

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Sandra Rivera '85 (Retirement Plan)

Sandra Rivera '85

I believe that your money is like your voteyou have to put it toward what you really believe in. And I believe in William Smith College. In fact, when I was putting my affairs in order about five years ago, William Smith was the only organization I opted to include in my will because my experience there changed my life.

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Langdon Cook P'99, P'05 (Bequest)

Langdon Cook P'99, P'05

No one likes to think about death or estate plans. Folks put it off or never get around to it. I'd never tell anyone where to direct their funds, but I feel strongly that everyone should at least think about estate planning.

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Imogene Bruner Helm '50 (Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity)

Imogene Bruner Helm '50

Giving back to William Smith College is a natural thing for me to do because I have a strong loyalty to my College. The quality education I received at William Smith in the years 1946 to 1950 has enriched me my entire life. The study of Western Civilization broadened my outlook then and continues to do so. The professors who designed and taught that 30-hour courseas well as many of my other courseswere giants!

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Laura Strickler '94 (Retirement Plan)

Laura Strickler '94

A few years ago when I decided to give a portion of my retirement plan to HWS, I figured, if I designate it now, its already written off as part of my retirement and I wont even miss it.

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