Meet our Wheeler Society Members

Meet our Wheeler Society Members

Langdon Cook P'99, P'05 (Bequest)

Langdon Cook P'99, P'05

No one likes to think about death or estate plans. Folks put it off or never get around to it. I'd never tell anyone where to direct their funds, but I feel strongly that everyone should at least think about estate planning.

I love my country as much as the next man, but I don't see the value in leaving a large portion of my estate to Uncle Sam when I die. I want my funds to go to those organizations that can use them in a meaningful way, so about 15-20 years ago, I started adding designations in my will for the organizations that are important to me.

Hobart and William Smith have been part of my estate plans for quite some time. Initially, it was an easy decision because two of my sons had a wonderful educational experience there, but over time, my relationship with HWS has only strengthened and my decision has only become easier.

I believe an organization's true qualities come through during difficult times, and that has certainly been true of HWS during the recent financial and budget stress. The way the Colleges' administration, Trustees, faculty, parents and students came together to ensure that HWS would pull through the difficult times really impressed me.

The past couple of years have shown me the true collegiality and spirit of HWS, and it's only made me prouder to be a member of the Wheeler Society. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I know that the Colleges' funds are managed very well. As a businessman, I feel comfortable knowing that, after my death, my funds will be well directed in support of a terrific organization.

Langdon Cook P'99, P'05 is CEO of Gates Capital Corporation, which deals in municipal and government securities. Two of Cook's sons, Whitney '99 and Freddy '05, attended Hobart College. Cook has been a member of the HWS Board of Trustees since 2002 and has been an active member of the Parents Executive Council.

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